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How it works

Get started with your first card in three simple steps


Step 1: Select card

Choose what kind of card your would like to send to a loved one. Both cards can be customized with personalized pictures and greetings.

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Customize and personalize

Select if you would like to send a postcard or greeting card to your loved ones. Both cards can be customized and personlized easily.

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Press send and wait for a happy moment

... When you're done with the customizing, fill in the receiver details and pay for your card, we'll take care of the rest. It's simply that easy - we promise.

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The new version of ByPost is simply amazing. I've sent numerous cards to my parents and family.

Keilan A.

I love how Bypost enables me to send postcards when I'm on vacation. By far the best out there.

Johan L.

With ByPost I'm able to send a greeting card on the go when I'm away from home or family.

Grace N.

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